Engage with the Author

Searching for answers to the following questions changed Madhu’s life forever.

  1. With so much literature available and studies being done on happiness, why is the incidence of depression increasing as the years go by?
  2. Why do many eminent psychologists insist that our fixation with happiness is a major reason for our misery?
  3. Why did a happiness industry emerge creating a big hype around happiness?
  4. Why are successive generations becoming increasingly obsessed with happiness?
  5. Can’t there be an alternative to the goal of happiness, which can potentially create far more enriched lives?

As a changemaker, who is trying to change the universal misunderstanding about ‘happiness’, writing the book SAY NO TO HAPPINESS was the first step in that direction. However, for people who do not read, Madhu is willing to do everything that will carry this message forward from videos, articles, talks, to workshops to a group or individual discussions.

Free talks:

Talks would ideally be for an hour because the paradigm of ‘pursuit of happiness’ is deeply entrenched among people. Even a basic understanding of how they are entrapped in the ‘happiness illusion’ can induce attitudinal change among the listeners towards career and relationships. This can lead to seeking deeper solutions. Longer talks could cover some of the solutions too.

To fix a talk in your professional group, company, housing colony, neighborhood or group of seekers, send mail to engage@saynotohappiness.com.


For understanding how the ‘happiness hype’ impacts you personally and the solution, one-day workshops are conducted for small groups of ten to twelve people. Closed small groups of unrelated people make the learning far more authentic.

For further information about the schedule, contact  engage@saynotohappiness.com.

Individual conversations:

Write to engage@saynotohappiness.com with a mention of the topic of conversation and at a mutually convenient time, we can talk.