About the Author

A changemaker who is trying to change the universal misunderstanding about happiness. His mission is:

The hype around happiness is leading the modern generation into greater misery and is a fundamental obstacle preventing fulfilling relationships and satisfying careers. Growing fixation with happiness is also being accepted by eminent psychologists as a major cause of depression. The mission is to pass on this message to as many people as possible so that they as well as their future generations can live far more fulfilled lives.

Madhu Namboodiri

Madhu Namboodiri is an engineer and a successful entrepreneur. He attributes his professional success to a strong work ethic developed as a state-level cricketer, and to the values learned during his stint in socially-conscious organizations like the Tatas.

At the age of thirty, as the CEO of an Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company, his interest in Ayurveda led him to spirituality. During his spiritual seeking, Madhu eventually realized that the best Gurus are one’s life experiences. He dropped all Gurus & teachings and decided to seek answers from life. This unconventional journey has resulted in unique, and sometimes counterintuitive insights. A family man himself, Madhu believes in the spiritual potential of the worldly life of relationships, career, and society.

The book SAY NO TO HAPPINESS is about the author’s experience of jumping out of the happiness paradigm – a leap which changed his life forever.